Aly Energy Singapore

Company Profile

aly Energy is a reputable distributor in South East Asia, covering the need for quality equipment and competent services in the construction, marine, offshore, aviation, and recycling industries. We are known for our vast expertise, smart and proactive problem solving abilities.

Since our establishment in 2008, our dealerships has expanded to include:

Aly Energy Singapore Pte Ltd
Aly Energy Singapore Pte Ltd
Aly Energy Singapore Pte Ltd
Aly Energy Singapore Pte Ltd
Aly Energy Singapore Pte Ltd

aly Energy delivers only the highest-quality products to its clientele.

We also provide the utmost operational support through the following services:

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair Project Consultation

Our products and services combined make for unique strategic solutions that fit perfectly into your construction technology requirements. aly Energy aims to be not just a supplier but your hands-on partner every step of the way.

Aly Energy Singapore Pte Ltd

Mission and Vision

aly Energy aims to be the leading dealer of telescopic cranes, piling systems, power generation products, material handling equipment, soil stabilisation equipment, and access equipment across South East Asia for both manufacturers and end-customers. We shall do this by upholding the highest standards of product distribution and service delivery.

We want to build lasting relationships with businesses in the construction, marine, offshore, aviation, and recycling industries, significantly contributing to their growth and success as we continue to improve our own company.

Our Values


aly Energy is totally committed to promoting a culture of excellence through our high-standard equipment and world-class services. As experts and professionals, we never compromise on the quality of what we deliver. We ensure that the requirements of each project are keenly understood first and then met, and even exceeded, every time.


We strive for a solid partnership with our clients, working together towards common goals. As partners, we see to it that everything we do is in the best interest of all our stakeholders. Building a strong foundation for a long working relationship is imperative to us.


Even as we pursue common endeavors, aly Energy acknowledges the differences in each individual. This goes for our clients and our people as well. We respect individual strengths and capabilities of all those we come across with, finding the best ways of utilizing each person’s forte.

Why us

aly Energy consists of a team of experts, all of whom are ready and able to tackle various kinds of projects, from simple and straightforward to complicated and comprehensive. Our technical knowledge combined with vast industry experience allows us to deliver the result-oriented solutions that our clients are looking for. It is because of our proven effectiveness that even the “big guns” in the industry tap our skills.

Being just good at what we do is not enough for us. We believe in delivering results with speed and accuracy. We pride ourselves for the impeccable customer service, great response time and effective problem resolution achieved by our young and energetic teams. Despite being fast, we ensure that the quality of our solutions is never compromised.

Your trust and reliance on us matters to us more than anything. We love to work hard and face challenges head-on. We go into the roots of your business challenge and provide you with the best advice, products and services. It is of great honor to us to be working with you and helping you reach your goals.